Europe and the new US president. Where’s this relationship going?

puzzle-268905_1280The question, where the relationship between the European Union and the United States is headed has been preoccupying the experts for some time, especially since Donald Trump’s first major foreign policy address. Initially, there are real concerns among European elites that Europe would take a backseat in terms of U.S. priorities.

The US-EU relations have been characterised by close economic, political and security cooperations. It is a well-known fact that Europeans have relied heavily since the end of WW II on the United States. The U.S. has guaranteed Europe’s security for decades, effectively placing a giant security umbrella over most of the Continent. These efforts have always been based on the idea that Europe’s security and prosperity are a core American interest and therefore must be protected. But this might change now as Washington is reducing it’s international engagement. A policy that could continue under the next U.S. president, especially if Trump becomes president.

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